Project Spotlight: Green Machine Mudroom

It’s been a long time coming …. and we are just so happy to share the first finished (ish) space in the Green Machine (our humble home!), the mudroom! 

While the space is small, our mudroom is mighty and works like a dream for us. Since the mudroom is technically an extension on the house it was important that it felt cohesive and just as finished as the other parts of our home, especially since it is visible from the kitchen and dining room. To make this happen we painted the walls a great blue green colour and added multiple prints to give it personality. 

For our family the mudroom is a space for everyday pieces and also acts as a storage area for our coats, shoes, and hats which need ample storage space because we do not have a closet on the main floor. My partner and I have large shoe collections which doesn’t help. We opted for built-in shelves that have plenty of space for shoes (and are the perfect height for high tops), an open closet space for ease of use, shelving, and a space for my partner’s awesome antique locker that houses extra dry supplies such as our broom, first aid kit, garbage bags, and his ball caps. We could also easily add additional shelving or standing baskets inside to hold more gear in the winter months.

The mudroom also functions as a reading space for my daughter who likes to curl up on the bench and take in the views of the escarpment and our backyard, which will be getting a lot of love this spring (but that’s a blog post for later!)

May 21, 2024


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