Project Spotlight: Palace Arch

We sure had a blast with this one! The Palace Arch home was a side split home with multiple levels. The client’s children are grown and moved out so with this new transition, our clients wanted to continue renovating their smaller spaces within the home. And thus the Palace Arch laundry room was born!

When I entered the home I knew immediately that they were not afraid of colour or print since their home already had colour with a palette of soft blues, greens and creams. Since it was winter, and pretty sad and dreary outside at times, we thought it would be fun to add some personality to an otherwise institutional space. We also created tons of storage and the most perfect closet for laundry essentials with plenty of height for your vacuum and Swiffers.

These clients really trusted us and the process and ended up absolutely loving the design, which was one of the most satisfying parts of this project.

April 17, 2024


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