How To Style: 2024 Trends

2024 is already proving to be a great year for interior design. Here are a few of our favourite trends thus far and how to implement them in your own space!


Move over minimalism! Making a statement is in for 2024 and one thing we love about maximalism is how its approach encourages self-expression, which we are all about! While maximalism as an idea may feel chaotic and random, maximalism in interior design still has intentionality at its centre and aims to create a curated look while mixing elements such as colours, materials, and textures. Try it in your space by trying a bold contrasting colour palette or by mixing old and new elements in your space!

Warm Earth Tones

Warm earth tones make my heart sing. Not just because they’re beautiful, but because the right combination of earth tones adds a grounding and cozy effect to a space while still feeling fresh and vibrant. Here are a few of my current favourites.

Organic Shapes

We’re seeing a big increase in organic shapes and lines all over the design world. We loved incorporating this white pendant light with organic lines in a recent project, but have also seen these nature inspired shapes appear in mirrors, furniture, and more. Click here to see some gorgeous white lights that have made their way into our cart!


Create a layered look in your space by combining different elements and materials that add depth and character to your space. Layering is about making intentional design choices and using different elements such as pattern, colours, and texture that will all work together and strengthen the overall feeling and story you want the space to exude.

February 5, 2024


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