How to Style: Christmas Garland

Welcome to the first ever blog post by Petite Design, we’re happy you’re here and decided to spend some time with us! I’ll be honest, I’ve never written a blog before or written anything of great length outside of university papers which was many moons ago. The purpose of this blog is to share the nitty gritty details and behind the scenes scoop on all our content. And what a better way to kick off our first blog post than to share our process and creative choices behind our Christmas Garland shoot. 

For this shoot we choose three different styles for one interior. Why so many you ask? Honestly, I couldn’t pick just one, I was so excited and had so many ideas to share. More importantly, we’re not all the same and I think it’s important to give several options to see how different looks work in one space.

As you may have read in our Roasted Chestnut Day post on Instagram, yes it’s a day, December 14th if you’d like to note it😉. I was stumped with what to do with the numerous chestnuts that had fallen from our massive oak tree in our backyard. I disdain roasted chestnuts so opted to use them for decoration on our Thanksgiving table, have a guess the amount game for a prize and to create holiday crafts with all 488 of them!

We call this look Chestnutty…because I was going a bit nutty over the number of squirrels making a mess in our backyard! In all seriousness we love the warm brown with a hint of red undertones of a chestnut and thought it would compliment the collection of vintage amber glass jars and wooden houses in our shoot. The glass jars are an existing element in the house and we feel there is a way to mix seasonal decoration in with your own collections…not everything has to be new!

The Dark and Moody shoot was a given as warm, enveloping and moody colours are my jam. There’s no need to fear the depth and darkness of colour there is a way to keep it light and inviting without a space feeling heavy. Mixing metals, soft materials and hits of lighter tones will help soften a dark space.  We opted to pair the dark twig and ornament arrangement with soft taupe velvets, gold accessories like the candelabra and bells as well as the cream candles. Our favourite part of this look was making the suede like ornaments when I couldn’t find any reasonably priced flocked ones. We added baking soda to paint and created layers on clear dollar store ornaments. And to top it off added some gold paint to the ornament caps.

For our final look we wanted to go in a completely different direction and create something white and bright. This look is a nod to 1920’s glam. We mixed traditional greenery, gold details, and used a vintage collection of white and light blue cigarette cans mixed with white ceramic houses to achieve this dramatic and soft look. The best part was how we pulled old and new finds together to create a modern classic look!

December 21, 2023


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