Project Spotlight: Vanellan

The Vanellan Project was a big operation with a long wish list, but we managed to tick all the boxes while making some fun and unique design choices that we can’t get enough of. 

The house is a raised bungalow so the basement had great light coming in, which got us inspired right off the get. They are a family of four and both parents were working from home so we needed to create a separate work area so they wouldn’t get distracted by each other or disturb the other if someone was in a meeting or call. They have family who stay with them so they needed a space fitted with a bed and a full washroom, as well as a utility room that would be used as a laundry room and storage …. oh and a gym!

To make this happen we created a home office off the main living room with a Murphy bed that could be out of the way when not in use. It was a great way to make the room usable from day to night with a low chance of users crossing paths. We also turned their powder room into a 3 piece washroom, which was such a hit that the husband has claimed it as his own.

In their laundry room we used a fabulous green colour for the millwork which provided storage for linens, gym accessories, and pantry items. There is a large work area for folding clothes, wrapping gifts, or any activities that can be messy thanks to the easy to clean linoleum floor and large sink. The linoleum floor also makes it easy to move gym accessories around and the overall bright and welcoming atmosphere makes you want to get in there and work out. A win in our books.

Our favourite part of the project was working with these clients. Not only did we have a great time talking about our daughters, music, and travel, but they loved the process which allowed us to get creative with storage solutions and also make fun design decisions like the pill shaped tile in the washroom. I also love that we used linoleum in the laundry room and that they were so on board with it. Oftentimes when we revisit finishes from previous design eras it’s a hard no, even if it’s a great fit. We’ve even had some clients refuse gold because they grew up with it, but these clients were so open to the design process and selections that we ended up being able to make their space suit all their needs and then some.

April 5, 2024


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