Project Spotlight: Highgate

Making a space aesthetically pleasing is a wonderful thing, but making it aesthetically pleasing and tailored in function just hits different.

The Highgate project is special for so many reasons. We worked with these clients during the pandemic and their main floor was completely gutted right before lockdown. It was quite the renovation journey with a few setbacks out of our control, but we ended up transforming the space and creating a bright, modern, yet cozy feeling throughout the entire main floor.

We had such a great time working with our Highgate clients that they asked us back to come back a couple of years later and complete their basement. The side door of their home was frequently used after work and school so they needed a small mudroom and landing zone for all their things. With budget in mind, we opted for customizing IKEA PAX wardrobes and added open shelving for baskets to house small storage items like gloves, hats and shoes.

To create a sense of space in their basement with low ceilings and a lot of bulkheads, we moved their furnace and ductwork to the exterior wall and had the ductwork run along the perimeter of the space. This eliminated large bulkheads and opened up the ceiling to make the whole basement feel spacious and taller, despite only having a 6’-5” ceiling height.

For additional storage, Highbury Homes added a small door with a pull out box under the stairs which was perfect for their son’s hockey equipment, which was conveniently located next to the laundry and bathroom. In the laundry and bathroom they utilized a deep wall across from the washer and dryer and had a cabinet built-in to the wall to store all of their laundry needs, as well as open shelving for a little personality. On the note of creating storage wherever you can, there was a 10” gap beside the washer and dryer so Highbury Homes added a small door and now even the Costco size toilet paper has a home!

The best part of this project was definitely the clients! They were so funny and quick witted which made site visits incredibly fun. We coined the term “Bathaundry Room” together which is a hybrid of bathroom and laundry and for an extra personal touch, they left a message on the walls for future homeowners. Definitely our kind of clients!

March 13, 2024


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